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I have an idea I would like to share

Life has a way of changing and bringing new opportunities, giving us the option to stay complacent, or embrace something new. This has happened to me recently, shaking me out of my rut and opening to me a new world of learning, exploring and developing what I really want to do as a career and how it will affect my personal life. My life had been just running at a ho-hum speed, everything staying about the same, really not going anywhere exciting or new. But now I’m shaking it up, striving to do what I really want to, and go the places I always dreamed of.

Out of this process of thought, I have decided to do freelance, on-demand, on your time-table type of quality assurance for websites and web applications. I want to give the type of Quality Assurance I feel will most benefit companies, focusing on over-all quality assurance: finding bugs, documenting them, and confirming the fixes, but with special focuses in usability, content assessment and development. I am seeking to work with the company who can’t afford an on-staff quality assurance tester or who needs an extra pair of fresh eyes on a project, and who is striving to produce a quality product and is seeking that valuable quality assurance insight. With each person I work with, I am offering my personal touch, my personal experience, and my time to help achieve your goals for a high quality website or application.

This is my blog about my experiences into this world, and my journey to achieve my goals.


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