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What does Sharon Ideas do for you?

Your company has just spent many hours creating your dream website. Its well laid out, seems to load in Firefox and Internet Explorer, and you sit back and wait for it to gain you exciting traffic. Along comes your best friend (or your worst enemy) to try your new website. Suppose you sell clothes, and your potential customer opens your site in Safari, find the perfect outfit they want to buy, proceeds to check out, enters their credit card information, clicks next and it goes to a blank page! Now they are worried they will get billed for something they didn’t get to finish buying, and they can’t finish their order. You’ve just lost a potential sale, unless they are persistent enough to find your contact information and call you.

Suppose someone, after a few months, enters a bug that notifies you that your shopping cart breaks in Safari. You look at your developers and wonder what happened? How many sales did you lose? Whats wrong with your Quality Assurance Protocol? You don’t have the budget to hire someone full or part time just to do QA work, so how high should you set your expectations?

This is where on-demand Quality Assurance can come in. It’s on your time table: as soon as you finish developing your website or an update to it, you can contact Sharon Ideas to come assess your website, flush out those bugs that might appear in Safari or Chrome and test every aspect of your website. We use it as a regular customer would, and can give you feedback on whether your new widgets and new user sign-up page are really user friendly. It gives you that peace of mind that you have done everything possible to ensure a high quality website your best friend is going to enjoy using in their Safari browser. With Safari gaining a larger browser market share, and the Mac world growing, these are areas that developers and testers need to look at and assess how their websites behave in browsers other than Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Can you afford Sharon Ideas? Yes! We are low cost and tailor our testing package to your needs, including your budget needs. Even a small one person company can afford us. Our goal is to work with you to help your website exceed your customer’s expectations and take one thing off your “things to worry about” list.


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