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Why aren’t businesses catching up in the online world?

Since I haven’t written for little bit, let me first off say, Sharon Ideas has been growing in ways that i have not thought possible. I am excited about where this is going and what is in store for it! I have seen once again that there is plenty of room in the world for software quality assurance!

As I have been doing business, and as I have been reading more in my RSS feeds about the way people do business, I have been noticing something that is quite confusing…

A lot of the transactions I do, I do online. I bank online, pay my bills online, pay taxes online, even make my doctor’s appointments online, research online, keep track of finances online… But the corporate world is stuck back 5yrs. They are still writing paper checks, keeping track of paperwork in file cabinets, and using faxes and copy machines. Why is this? Why aren’t businesses saving money by processing checks and payroll online? This would save printing off checks, delivering them, save the employees taking them to the bank and cashing them, which is just the long version of using direct deposit orPayPal? Why are they not scanning their documents for online use and transfer?

Some may argue that paper records are easier to keep long term or easier to find or safer. Paper also ages, tears, rips, is easy to stuff in a pocket and steal, can’t be password protected, and clogs paper shredders and landfills. Keeping transactions online makes it so much more convenient for everyone, keeps with the “green” conservation mentality, and providing endless ways to back up and secure the data. Instead of waiting for a check to come in the mail, it could be in your bank account instantly, saving everyone time. Instead of waiting for a fax, then filing the piece of paper, and walking it down the hall to the appropriate person, it could be in your email or transferred to the correct person within seconds.

So why don’t businesses step up with the rest of the world and do business online?


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