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An Adobe AIR app for everything?

While reading blogs lately I have been noticing the huge wealth of apps out there. There is an app for just about everything! While we might be laboring away for hours on a project, trying to get a graphic to turn out right or trying to figure out how to manage a project, there is probably an app out there to assist you.

But tonight I came across this blog by Pro Blog Design, 60 Great AIR Apps For Web & Graphic Designers. All I could say was WOW after reading it. While I was familiar with a couple of the tools, there are a lot I had never heard of and will definitely be checking out. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to look it over real quick!

In this fast changing world of technology, reading blogs and keeping up on what other people are saying is a great way to stay on top of some of the new technology out there. Blogs are becoming my school, and at the same time, giving me tools to use in my every day business life as well, such as those mentioned in Pro Blog Design.


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