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Meet Klok, my personal time tracking assistant!

While juggling several projects at hand, many of them with time requirements, I found I needed a time management tool. I wanted something easy to use, something that could do what I needed, including the following:

  • Handle multiple projects at the same time
  • Keep a history of projects and the time spent on them
  • Keep track of how much each project cost
  • Provide reports
  • Allow a way to download the report data
  • Allow a daily, weekly and monthly view
  • Allow me to enter contact details for each project
  • Allow color coding of projects for easy management
  • Was free!

I had high expectations and found just the tool to meet them: Klok.

Klok is easy to download, easy to get started with and super easy to use. I have been able to keep track of all my projects, juggle multiple projects at the same time, and manage my time at just a glance of the Week View. I have my projects color coded so each project can be easily seen and managed, and I can keep track of how many hours I have till I need to have a project completed.

It is easy to stop and start working on a project throughout the day by clicking on the “Start working” link at the top of the app, and then minimize it to your Notification Area on your task bar. It runs quietly, leaving you to focus on working on your project without the hassle of wondering what time you started and how much time you have left to meet a deadline.

This is a tool I recommend to anyone trying to manage time sensitive projects. It is definitely something I have had great success using!


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