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Yup, I’m a mom and I work from home

So I’ve joined the ranks: I’m a mom and I work from home.

Living in an apartment with two toddlers, how do I make it work? While I can’t say I have the magic solution, I would like to share some tips for other moms or dads who are in a similar position as me.

First off, schedule in time to play with the kids–make time for the family so that you have the personal satisfaction of knowing that your family knows you love them and care about them. Then secondly, schedule in time for that work! Set aside chunks of time where you can get a lot of work done–focus! It’s all about finding activities for the family that keeps them occupied and gives you time to work. I often blog, read blogs and comment at night when the kids are in bed. I grab some time here and there throughout the day to read a blog, then as I’m changing a diaper or squelching a fight, I am thinking about it, and how I can use the knowledge I have just learned.

It’s all about good time management. Schedule schedule schedule! Use those family members how are always whining about being bored to come watch the kids for a bit on a regular basis–this has been my most valuable key to getting work done efficiently. Know what works and what doesn’t work! Have multiple back ups in place so you are never in the panic, “Oh my sister is sick and can’t watch the kids” situation.

And when the frustration sets in, take a step back–take a walk with the family, relax! Then come back to tackle the work at hand once again. While it can be a challenge, it is the most rewarding challenge you will ever tackle. I feel like I am getting a grasp of what works for me and my situation, and I know other moms and dads have done it before me.

Besides, I love working from the comfort of my couch on a rainy Oregon day, doing what I am passionate about!


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