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Are you in Quality Assurance? Listen up: Free testing tools for you!

Nothing is as good as free, right? In today’s economy, everyone is looking for low cost or free things. Is free better? Or is it truly a case of “what you pay is what you get”? And to complicate this question, let’s throw out the word “open source”.

There is a wealth of free and open source tools and software out there. Look at Open Office. Look at Adobe Air. Look at Google Wave, Google Apps and many of the other Google tools. All of them are free. With all these good free tools out there, what is out there for the person in Quality Assurance and testing?

I started looking and came across a great collection of open source resources for the offers a huge collection of open source testing tools. With testing tools (91 of them!), unit testing tools (6 so far), services, news and other resources, it seems to be a great place for any person in QA to stop and take advantage of the tools available. I know I will be checking out and using some of these tools.

So is free better? I don’t think that is an issue anymore. With open source tools, its now all about what tool and service best fits your need. Sometimes it might be something you need to pay for, but with the number of open source tools rapidly growing, I would counter than you can almost always find an open source tool or service to meet your needs.

For the person in Quality Assurance and testing, take a minute to go and see what tools you can find that would make you a better tester!


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