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My impressions of the HP TouchSmart PC

I just got the HP TouchSmart 300 computer–a 20in monitor and computer built into one. Overall I have to stay I am extremely impressed with it. With 452GB of hard drive space and 4GB of RAM, it is a welcome step up from my previous laptops with Windows XP and Vista. While I have had my mind made up I wanted to stick with laptops, this computer has changed my mind. Only a couple inches thick, the hardware runs behind the HD LCD Brightview screen and is quiet and ends up taking up less space than a laptop. A wireless super thin keyboard and a wireless mouse make up the hardware.

As far as the touchscreen capabilities, I’m still getting used to it. I have trouble typing on the touchscreen keyboard and have so far stuck with the physical keyboard but find myself frequently pushing it under the monitor and just touching the icons to navigate around. If you can use the iPhone, you can definitely get used to this. The HPTouchSmart apps include music, videos and movies, and there is a built in webcam that is actually very clear for a built in webcam and has a lot of cool effects and things it can do.

I’m enjoying Windows 7. Personally, I loved Vista–huge upgrade from XP for me, and i have been using it since the RC1. Windows 7 is like Vista but with a bunch of bug fixes! One cool thing is you can dock frequently used items on thetaskbar easily with the TouchSmart by simply touching and dragging it. What is missing is tooltips for docked items though. But brush your finger or run your mouse over them and it gives you a quick preview of each item.

I also chose a 64bit OS. This is a pet peeve of mine as a tester. Many people test in 32 bit and forget to test in 64 bit, and especially when Vista came out, there was a lot of issues with software working in a 64 bit system. I’m not sure if this is still going to be something I run into with Windows 7 or not, but I am eager to find out!

I am sure the TouchSmart and Windows 7 has a lot of other interesting features I haven’t discovered yet. I will keep you posted on the interesting things I learn!


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