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Where is Facebook headed?

So first Facebook came out with a new privacy statement, which promoted making all information public. While they did give users a pop up about it when they logged in the first time after the switch, they didn’t make it very clear that they were indexing your Facebook status messages under the Privacy–>Search section, or that unless you specified, your “status” updates were probably becoming public unless you had specifically set them otherwise. While some users might like this, others of us prefer to keep our personal Facebook world separate and only share it with whom we wish to, such as that random post about your sister you didn’t want her to see or those pictures in your photo album that you might not want your boss to see!

Next Facebook came up with a URL shortner. Some of the benefits include better analytics and mobile browsing, and in the future may provide Page owners with analytics so that they can track their Page sharing on the web. And the Facebook was quick to add that this would enable easier sharing with Twitter, the competitive social network they are, do I dare say, trying to imitate? Now they are going to start enabling you to share your status updates with Twitter sometime this week, according to TechCrunch. What do you think of this? Is sending your Facebook status to Twitter going to be something you are interested in or benefit you in some way?

Personally, it concerns me a bit that they are not actively protecting the privacy of their users pages, but instead seeking to make it more public as to interface better with Twitter. Not everyone wants their status’ indexed and shared on Google but many users may not have the technical experience or be proactive enough to manually go through their privacy settings and adjust them until it is too late and they are reaping unwanted results of having their information on the web. Many users are young and inexperienced, some might be older and just use Facebook to connect with old friends and know just the bare basics of navigation. Whatever the case, Facebook is not jibing with my personal policy of keeping personal information secure and private from the public eyes. But then, is that just me, or are their others who share my opinion?


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