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Does snail mail still have a place in the corporate world?

So with more and more people moving to the clouds, to virtualization, to social networking and social media, to anything and everything online, does the printed paper hold much value anymore?

I’ve been talking to a couple people who have been involved in marketing for 20-30 years, and while they are now also utilizing the online world, they still feel the printed paper has a place in society, and especially in the corporate world. The average CEO or owner of a large firm has  hundreds of emails and messages coming his way each day. But how much real paper mail are they receiving every day, besides the ads and the type of spam that arrives in a paper envelope? A large percentage of company owners and CEO’s are older, and have done business before communication moved to the clouds. “Snail mail” was the norm, and what was trusted. And many still see this as a valid way to communicate. 

Invoices, bills, and money are still traditionally sent via the US Postal system. But will a letter, on paper, in an envelope, still make an impact if sent through “snail mail”? Or will the almighty email, the blog, the website, the Google Wave, take precedent and hold more weight?


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