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A great file sharing app

I wanted to share with you all a really cool app I have been using heavily lately. Dropbox is a really neat program that allows fast and easy file sharing between computers, your phone and computer, between family and friends and in my situation, between co-workers and clients.

Dropbox puts an icon on your desktop and toolbar and a folder in My Documents where you can then drop any file you want. You can then share that folder with anyone else who has Dropbox by inviting them via email. But even more importantly, you can access everything in your Dropbox online. So anywhere I go I can access the files and folders I need, share with the people I need to share a file with and have automatic backup of everything in my Dropbox. I love having one location where I can put all my files and access them from any computer, anywhere or from my phone anywhere.

It’s great not having to worry about whether the file is too large for an email attachment or if the large picture folder I want to share with my family will download on their dial up Internet. And I don’t have to worry about backing up my files anymore–Dropbox does that for me. It has proved to be a great tool in my business in dealing with clients where we need to share files fast and easily. Whenever someone puts something in the Dropbox folder that I share with a client, a pop up notifies me from the corner of the screen. Also if anyone modifies something in the Dropbox I am also notified. New files are automatically synced with old ones. If I’m away from my computer and need to access a file, all I need to do is log into the Dropbox website from my phone and all my files are at my finger tips! Talk about being able to take your work everywhere with you!

The first 2GB are free, Dropbox Pro 50 at 50GB is $9.99/mo and Dropbox Pro 100 at 100GB is $19.99/mo. You can also earn free storage by inviting your friends to try Dropbox. Installation is easy–quick download and it’s very easy to get started. So give it a try sometime!


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