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A Brief Look Back…

As I look over the past year, there is much to reflect on. The WikiLeaks with the leak of hundreds of highly classified information. What does this mean to the coming year? Freedom of speech and yet keeping tabs on security has a new area to tread in. Facebook has undergone several updates–users initially howled about it but soon got used to the change. What is next for Facebook? I’ve heard rumors they are going to start incorporating facial recognition to photo tagging, which is sure to open a new can of worms. Users can now use Places to show their friends where they are and what they are doing, which took the place of Foursquare for many users.  The iPhone4 took off like a bolt of lightening for AT&T and has kept on growing with rave reviews. My husband got one and it is indeed a huge upgrade from the iPhone3. The iPad changed many things, becoming the hot item, a technology for on the go, a way to communicate, educate and learn faster and easier. The Kinect for the xbox 360 was released in November, revolutionizing how people play video games. It is truly opening up a whole new realm of gaming, and I must say, something that has interested a lot of people who normally wouldn’t play games. Even my 4yr old daughter can play the Kinect easily! LinkedIn updated its UI, making many features easier for users, while adding new features. More and more people did their Christmas shopping this year on their mobile phones and iPads. HTML5 continues to open new doors for development and advancement. Bing as a web browser continues to grow with over 90 million users, but so does Opera and Firefox. 2011 looks like it will bring a lightening fast IE9, which will be interesting to test. MySpace has declined in usage, with talk of maybe Yahoo buying it out. The Apple App store hits 10 billion downloads. In the automotive industry, we’re seeing more and more electric cars, with more electric charging stations. Cloud computing and social media continue to grow, with the buzz words becoming more well known and accepted and implemented. People are incorporating more “green technology” and looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint on this earth. The oil spill generated a lot of media attention and a critical eye at how oil drilling has been done. The economy  has for the most part, stayed the same, with more employers hiring again, but being much more picky about who they can hire due to the sheer number of highly educated people out of work.

I’m excited about 2011 and seeing what it has to offer. If it is anything like 2010, it will be a year of new developments, advancements and excitement!


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