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New website design is live!

Our new look for is now live! We hope you like the new look and feel and would love to get your feedback. Personally, I’m excited about it! A big thanks goes to Gecko Designs for taking care of the technical side of our website re-design–they were great to work with and I recommend them if you’re looking to create a website.

Sharon Ideas Inc. still offers the same services, with the goal of bringing a personalized quality assurance and testing service to you, so that you can meet your goals of producing high quality software, web apps, and websites to your customers. We are available to you 7 days a week so that we can fit as seamlessly into your project as possible.  We work with your development team to ensure that the bugs are caught, the product is usable, everything has been tested, and your customers can have a happy user experience, which will in turn bring satisfied customers back to you!

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of website and web app testing–with many development teams seeing the trend to make products available online, this seems to be a direction almost every software company is at least considering. We’ve also been doing some mobile app testing, so if you’re producing an iphone app, we can test that as well.

So let the testing begin and thanks for checking out our new website re-design!

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