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New in 2012! Now offering Project Management!

Sharon Ideas Inc. is now providing software project management for small to medium sized companies. Whether you’re a one person company producing one software and need someone to help you keep track of when deadlines are and need someone to take what your client want and communicate that to your developers, or if you’re a larger company with multiple projects and a team of developers to juggle, Sharon Ideas Inc. is now able to assist you with this!

A Project Manager takes the burden off the leaders in the business, allowing you to focus on bringing in business, and taking care of higher level processes, while the project manager makes sure your software, web app, etc, is developed to your client’s requirements and satisfaction, and is launched in a timely manner. We keep in close contact with you so that you are fully aware of the status of your project, we let your client know where their project stands at each phase of development, take care of any changes of scope that come up, and direct your team of developers accordingly. We then offer QA testing at each phase of development so that you know that not only is your project being managed with a personal touch and emphasis, but it’s also going to be thoroughly tested and launched with a strong start. We are available 24/7 if any issues come up, and provide follow up care for your client after launching the project. This process is geared to make your client happy and make your life easier!

This is an exciting service to offer in 2012 for Sharon Ideas Inc. Let us know how we can assist you with your projects!


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