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In a Nutshell

On Demand Quality Assurance Testing Tailored for Your Project!

Sharon Ideas specializes in contract quality assurance projects, tailoring quality assurance and usability assessment experience to whatever your project needs on your time table. I specialize in websites, web applications and software. I have a passion for quality assurance, and nothing makes me happier than finding a good bug!

Sharon Ideas offers you a low cost solution to assist you in achieving your goals and to ensure your project is bug free and ready for public eyes. I customized to your needs. With a personal touch, Sharon Ideas can offer you quality assurance testing and usability assessment for your project from a secure, front end perspective.

  • Develop a Quality Project Plan
  • Meet with your team members to determine a testing strategy that works for everyone
  • Thoroughly test all parts of your project
  • Make sure the content is correct, and accurate, including grammar and spelling
  • Assess over-all flow of content
  • Document all bugs in your bug tracking system
  • Make sure all aspects of your software perform as expected
  • Give feedback on the results

With a solid track record in quality assurance in both software, web  and mobile application quality assurance, Sharon Ideas puts that real person with a personal touch on your project to help you achieve your goals. To get started with Sharon Ideas is very simple. I’d like to set up a time to speak with you about your goals for quality assurance and control and then develop a test plan, system for tracking bugs, a completion time-line and understand your expectations from this process.

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