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Quality Assurance

Usability-Diagram-DistortedThe success of a product, application, or website depends solely on the quality before it arrives at the customer’s computer. While developers focus on producing a clean product, it is the responsibility of the quality assurance specialist to make sure that the product is user friendly, as free from bugs as possible, and has accurate content. Quality Assurance seeks to assure that the end results are in line with the expected ones and that the project has been correctly implemented. Quality can be defined as meeting the customer’s expectation, with the ultimate hope that we can exceed those expectations.

Sharon Ideas takes the quality assurance arena to a different level. While some companies have a budget that can accommodate an on-staff Quality Assurance Specialist full time, most cannot; this is where we come in and develop a Quality Project Plan, define what the Quality Standards and goals are and how we can obtain those objectives. Quality Assurance with Sharon Ideas consists of looking at the software, website, or web application from a front end perspective, using it as an average user would use it, and making sure the content is correct, accurate, and well developed. Usability is an integral part of quality assurance, and this is something Sharon Ideas will address and evaluate. Content needs to be consistent, well laid out, grammatically correct, and in line with the goals set forth earlier.

Quality Assurance is a never ending process of evaluation, development, and re-assessment. In the end, it leads to happier customers, less hot fixes, missed bugs, and last minute changes. This develops a better flow from development to the customer’s doorstep.