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Testing is what you probably think of when you hear the word “QA” or “quality assurance”. This is a crucial part of the development cycle and should become part of your standard development cycle with testing time automatically calculated in for each product release. Testing is where the bugs are found before your client encounters them and causes you a great deal of embarrassment. With proper testing, you can feel confident that you are releasing the most solid product possible. You will be proud of it and release it with the assuredness that it meets your Quality Assurance goals, it is user friendly, and that your client is much less likely to encounter a bug, error, or misspelling. A missed bug can be the breaking point and cause you to lose a high profile customer, or have your customers lose respect of your products, leading them to not recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Sharon Ideas does a wide variety of manual testing. We come in and hammer on your website, web app, or software, making sure of the following: that the content is fully developed, there are no 404 errors, all the links and buttons work and go to the correct page, grammar is correct, no misspellings exist, incorrect and correct data are handled without errors, warnings appear when called for, fields have the right input parameters, each step of the product has adequate and correct help access. When you release your product, it will be ready and reliable.

Each bug that we find is documented in your bug tracking system of choice, sent to the developers for fixing, and then each fix is confirmed before being closed out. Prior to any release, all the closed bugs go through a regression testing process to make sure that all the fixes stayed fixed and that none of those changes created any new bugs.

Content is the fundamental platform for all websites and applications. It is crucial that it is correct, accurate, and well developed.